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10 Reasons To Join Raise Capital

Only 0.015ETH For GAS Fees (Transaction Fees)

Raise Capital is a Forced 3x3 Matrix meaning if you share your link to the world then everyone will sign up from top to bottom left to right.
A Compression matrix means that any dead weight positions will be replaced on monthly.

Any person that does not pay their monthly 0.1ETH will be removed and replaced by the leader of the team. The entire downline will follow the new person who has replaced the spot.

You get earnings from 10 levels deep in Raise Capital by introducing 3 people to join directly with your referral link, and they do the same.

10 Levels deep is over 50 000 people in your downline.

Imagine the possibilities. Example minimum earnings is 0.005ETH in your downline X 50 000 = 250ETH!!!

You join for FREE with your sponsor link

You become a Partner by purchasing a position for 0.12ETH including GAS you will then earn 4 levels deep

You introduce 3 directs who buys a position this will make you a Bronze & you will then earn 6 levels deep

Your 3 introduce 3 directs who buys a position this will make you a Silver & you will then earn 8 levels deep

Their 3 introduce 3 directs who buys a position this will make you a Gold & you will then earn 10 levels deep

You can introduce unlimited amount of direct partners. Each direct partner you introduce earns you a bonus of 25% + you get the level payment also.

Example: you introduce someone that fals on your 5th level then you will get 0.025ETH (Direct Bonus) + 0.005ETH (Level Comission) = 0.03ETH.

90% Of the systems out there has a upgrade fee into higher packages.

This means that the profits you earn you have to use to upgrade with so you can in theory earn more when your downline upgrades.

With Raise Capital you only have your monthly membership fee of 0.1ETH and no higher upgrades to any packages which gives you 100% profit on all your earnings.

Your account is connected to the Ethereum Blockchain with your email address and password & as long as you use a secure password then your account is safe.

But what is amazing is that your money earned is 100% safe as the system is completely peer 2 peer earnings with no middleman.

By introducing just 3 people that do the same for 3 levels deep you can easily earn over 1 ETH per month.

There is only a monthly membership fee of 0.1ETH and you can earn up to 779ETH per month from your downline structure 10 levels deep.